Oklahoma Outdoor Outreach Foundation
About Us
Our Mission Statement

"The foundation was
formed to provide
disabled, chronically ill,
and terminally ill
individuals the
opportunity to enjoy
the heritage of outdoor
sporting activities"

These activities include
hunting, fishing, and
shooting in a family
based Christian
The Oklahoma Outdoor Outreach Foundation was formed in 2007.  The Leaders of
the Foundation desired to establish a group that would provide activities to those
with special needs. We are recognized as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization by the
IRS, and are fully insured.

We pride ourselves as being a Volunteer Only organization.  These Volunteers
include a variety of individuals.  They include active and retired firefighters,
medical personnel, business professionals, and men and women from many other
fields. And of course they include seasoned hunters.

All of our events are held on private lands within the State of Oklahoma.  This is
due to the many generous landowners that we have been fortunate to partner
with throughout the years.  
All funding that has been secured by our volunteers stays within the State as well.

It is with pride that we can say "We are Oklahoman"!